Friday, February 21, 2014

Dollars & Sense

It is a common misconception these days that we need big shiny $15,000.00 machines to get in shape. By appealing to ego and the cultural meme that bigger, more expensive is better, the fitness industry has succeeded in brainwashing many of us into this erroneous belief. We hear comments like; “I joined this new gym. You should see the fantastic machines. They have all the newest and best machines available.” Or; “My gym is updating their equipment and you should see the new equipment they are bringing in. It is the best available on the market today.”

But is it necessary?

I have a client who took years off training to raise her family. Now that she is turning 40 she feels the need to get back into shape. She said now that she has looked after everyone else it is time to look after her. I pointed out that part of looking after others involves taking care of you first. I asked her why she felt she couldn’t have done some form of training all those years. Her answer; “I didn’t have time to go to the gym.” It never even dawned on her she could stay in shape training at home.

It’s not that these machines do not have a place and purpose, they do but they certainly are not necessary to get into peak physical condition.

You may be surprised at what can be accomplished with just your body weight, a good pair of running shoes and a hill. Through a properly designed program using these few components it is amazing the progress that can be realized in short order.

Another option is to set up a functional home gym. It is possible to design a fully functional home gym for under $3,000.00 that will last a life time. The advantages of a home gym are numerous. A few of the benefits are, but not limited too; zero travel time, train at your convenience, no waiting for equipment, no intimidation or having someone else’s sweat all over the equipment, listen to your music or no music, use your own shower and the list goes on.

The point is don’t be fooled, as the large phalanx of fitness enthusiasts are, into thinking it is necessary to continually renew contracts and use all the latest and greatest equipment to get in shape or excel at your sport. If the big gyms are your thing that’s fine, you can get in great shape there and perhaps you need the social aspect of it to motivate you. But I contend that anyone can achieve their fitness goals just as well and rapidly without the gleam and glitter of the machines.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Years Transformation Challenge


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