Monday, January 28, 2013


 High intensity sports and those which require a high degree of endurance are two of the
most demanding physical and mental activities you will ever experience. If you are to
achieve the personal goals you have set out for yourself it is essential that all the components necessary for attaining these goals be developed to a high degree.
Of all the components that are necessary in achieving our fitness, lifestyle and training goals nutrition is probably the most neglected. No, not probably. It is the most neglected. Nutrition is one of the more important factors in determining our success rate and cannot be taken lightly. We need to shift nutrition to a higher priority rating. I’ll tell you why.

Everything we eat or drink affects us in a positive or negative way. It either strengthens our bodies or weakens them to some degree. Many activities impose great stress on the body’s many systems and demand optimal fuel if we are to realize our potential. You wouldn’t put leaded gasoline in your Ferrari would you? Why would you treat your body with any less
The martial arts for example, demand a high degree of mental clarity and focus, as do many other sports. We need to supply our brains with a high energy diet with plenty of glucose or it cannot function as well intended. In order for your brain to efficiently transmit messages or commands it requires a good clean diet of glucose along with potassium and sodium. The sodium and potassium are essential for supplying energy to the pumps in each neuron responsible for transmitting those messages.
Understand that nutrition is not an exact science. Yes there are general rules and guidelines we need to follow but we are all individuals and our requirements will differ slightly depending on environment, ability to handle stress and many other things that affect our day to day lives. Without a sound nutritional program, you will see some initial progress when you first begin your training regime and it may continue slowly for some time. If you wish to accelerate your progress and guarantee continual improvement, it is absolutely essential you provide your body with all the tools. Without the inclusion of a sound nutritional plan it is comparable to giving a carpenter the blueprint of the new renovations you expect him to do and only supplying him with a hammer. He will be able to accomplish a little at the beginning but soon he will have to stop because he doesn’t have all the required tools.
Before beginning any nutritional plan we need to ask ourselves some questions.
  • What do I want to accomplish? Release weight, gain muscle, have more energy?
  • Do I need to include a supplement program? If so which supplements are designed for my requirements?
  • Should I consult a professional? What costs are involved?
  • What is my time frame to accomplish the goals I have set out?
  • Any other questions you may have.

It is estimated that nutrition can be as much as 85% responsible to your success. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are essential for optimal performance. They need to be consumed in the proper portions, combinations and at the proper times if you wish to excel in any endeavour.
Make nutrition a priority in your training. See and feel the difference. Become the best you can be.

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