Saturday, April 16, 2011


[ Originally posted at Premier Blueprints for Personal Success on July 7, 2010 ]

Imagination—powerful tool or devastating enemy?

Imagination is one of our most powerful tools and is the beginning point for all our greatest inventions, fictional stories, new businesses, new ways of doing business and anything you can imagine. Men and women have imagined wonderful things in their minds and through visualization, faith and persistence, often against ridicule and seemingly impossible odds, have advanced all of humanity.

Following the universal law of polarity, imagination has a polar opposite which can be devastating if we allow it to run uncontrolled. If it is allowed imagination will run rampant often becoming crippling to the host. Imagination is not reliable to operate on its own and must be governed through proper use of the will and reason. Imagination and emotion fuel one another and can be particularly devastating to relationships at any level. What we harbor in our heart and allow our imagination to dwell and grow upon will manifest in our physical world at some point whether we like it or not. It is imperative we learn to use the will properly selecting and visualizing only those thoughts which direct us toward our desired outcome.

I am the maker of my world and you are the maker of your world. It will become whatever we perpetually imagine it to be.

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