Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring… All Things New

Ah, Spring. With April comes the end of those cold winter months. Spring is the season for new beginnings—new life. The air is full of energetic, positive energy. It is a time for new birth. We begin to plan our gardens—ornamental and vegetable. Which seeds will we sow this year ? How will we arrange them? How will we til and prepare the soil? So much time, preparation and planning. Should we pay any less attention to the gardens of the mind?

Our mind can be likened to the soil. Just as the seeds we plant in the ground will yield their harvest, so too will the thought seeds we continually plant and nurture in the garden of our mind.

Why is it, in our physical world we have no problem understanding that if we plant carrots we yield carrots, if we plant broccoli we reap broccoli and when we sow ragweed our harvest will be ragweed, but in the spirit or mind world we can’t seem to understand that if we plant the thought seeds of lack, limitation, sickness and depression, it is impossible to reap prosperity, good health and joy?

This is a Universal Law. It plays no favourites. It holds true for the individual as well as for society at large. Should we spend any less time preparing and nurturing our thought seeds than on our physical gardens? The quality of our physical experience will be determined by the thought seeds we sow and how well we nurture them using the faculty of the will and the faculty of reason in every garden of our life.

Spring is the time for all things new. Let’s begin this Spring choosing new, uplifting thoughts. New thoughts will bring new results. Set a purpose and plant only thought seeds which support your ideals.

Next to these thoughts, establish daily action steps which will carry you closer to your purpose every day. Next to these, set out affirmations and afformations, forming a powerful root system, able to withstand the tempests turmoil which must come.

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