Saturday, January 1, 2011

Inspiration Wall: December 2010


It is important that we do all we can each day to move us toward our intentions. This includes accepting and taking care of all we are responsible for that day, not just doing the things we enjoy. When we shirk responsibility, it creates more work for everyone, including ourselves. But it goes much deeper than that—it actually impedes our progress toward realizing our desires by creating a negative flow of energy toward us.

Accepting and completing our responsibilities creates an environment of positive energy—knowing we have done a good job, and thereby advancing life for all who are associated. There is absence of friction when we accept and complete our duties on time.

This is of benefit to everyone for friction can only lead to “dis ease” and distress, breaking down relationships, lowering the immune system and creating a negative environment which reduces the quality of life not just for those immediately affected, but also those with whom we associate because of the negative energy we exude. Just as we cannot plant seeds of thistles or ragweed and expect to harvest beautiful roses, we cannot plant seeds of irresponsibility, laziness or disrespect and expect to harvest prosperity, health, honesty and trust.

Accepting and completing our responsibilities on time is an integral part of becoming our best. It has a residual carry-over into all our endeavors whether they be sports, business, parenting, or life in general. It is important not only to our own self development, but it will play a large part in the degree of success we experience.

Why would anyone allow something they have complete control over to limit their potential to succeed?

Study and test this concept: Accept and complete all responsibilities with gratitude for one month and see if the quality of life you, and those around you, experience isn’t superior, with less friction.