Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Gift of Wellness

The Gift Of Wellness

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Friday, November 15, 2013

The Value of Intention

It has been 7 years since my last appearance on stage. What a thrill it was to be up there once more.
I had originally started out training for the IDFA World Championships in Toronto, November 02, 2013. My long time friend, I started him on his way in his body building career, Doug Walker, had just won a show a few months prior to my deciding to compete again. I sent him a fb message suggesting he could now enter a show with me. “Let’s do the worlds in Toronto,” I said. To which he replied his wife Carol would kill him. The show back in the summer was supposed to have been his last. After pleading with Carol they reached a compromise. We would do the Musclemania Canadian Championships in Montreal October 19, 2013. This way they would not have to travel anywhere and Montreal is just down the street from me. So the decision was made, Montreal would be our venue.
Once the intention is set something clicks in the brain. Your mental focus becomes sharp. Intensity escalates. A whole new experience in training is realized, not just for me and training partner Geoff Lindsay, for the whole gym. It’s not that we don’t realize the importance of having a goal, however when you commit, setting your sites on something very specific, the importance of an intention is driven home ten fold. The collective energy of everything about you becomes positively charged as all become swept up in a wave of excitement and anticipation. People want to get onboard the train. They want to participate, helping in any small or large way they can. You realize that without this support your quest could not be realized. It takes a great support staff to accomplish a well-set intention. The larger the intention the more support required. A deep appreciation grows as many offer to assist in some way, even if just through interest, asking questions, encouragement, or commenting on progress. In the trenches people volunteer their assistance through providing necessary supplements, (Doug Walker), music production, (Dave Lauzon and Dino Cule), motivation for training, (Geoff Lindsay and all the members at Marshall’s), meal preparation, (Stephanie Essig), and the list goes on. Also the guidance in selecting posing attire, a critical eye in designing the routine, and ensuring practice time is scheduled and carried out, (Stephanie Essig). All these things translate into putting forth your best, not wanting to disappoint any who have chosen to travel with you.  Those who lend support at the venue are invaluable, (Stephanie Essig, Joanne Lauzon, Jamie Snasdell-Taylor, all audience members).
 There is so much that goes unseen, insuring intentions become reality. To all I am truly grateful, so blessed to have such wonderful people around me, as we all do. Then there are the organizers and volunteers, whose intention is to put on a fabulous show.
Serious well-intentioned goals set Universal Intelligence in motion, bringing all the necessary circumstances and people into play. A sense of purpose is realized by those who are called to assist. New friendships develop as people unite in a common interest. Many begin to experience triumphs of their own as they now carry themselves with a new vibration of confidence felt by all that is around them. 
The intention setter is like the pebble dropped into the lake. The heightened vibrational frequency goes out as the ripples on the lake. The bolder the intention the larger the pebble, creating a proportional affect. Those closest to the pebble stand to benefit most.
Man is a progressive being. Our universe is about expansion, growth for the benefit of the whole. When we set our goals within the principles of Universal Mind, with the intention of adding value to the whole, we, as a collective, create the possibility for exponential growth. It is ours to grab hold of or lay waste.
For me it is - ALWAYS FORWARD!!!