Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grow Yourself…

When we attach ourselves to others opinions and ideas about who they think we should be, we severely limit our growth. In fact the growth we will experience is not our own at all. When we allow others opinions about us to be our influence we are being driven by outside forces and become other peoples ideas of what and who they think we should be, what is best for us—or should I say, them.

This is not to say we should never seek the council of others or discount what they may have to say if it is relevant to our worthy ideals and is in harmony with the direction our purpose. Become the observer. It is important to test these opinions and ideas each day by turning them over to our inner Power of Intelligence and releasing them, allowing the answers to come to us.

“Other people’s values will bring you other people’s results. But your values bring fulfillment and joy. Always remember it is nobler to imperfectly pursue your own vision than to perfectly pursue the vision of another.”
—James Arthur Ray

This month let’s make a priority of growing our self, challenging the opinions and advices of others, discarding any that are not in keeping with our purpose. The only one who truly knows your path is you.