Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Recipe for Success

A Clear Objective
If you wish sustainable results it is imperative you know what and why you wish to accomplish something. – I am going to get myself in the best shape of my life releasing, 20lbs in 8 weeks. I will look better, have more energy, be healthier, all leading to much more confidence in every area of my life. Clarity with purpose.
At Marshall’s we help you set realistic objectives. We show you how to develop the willingness, motivation, for committing to those objectives, adopting proven strategies and methodologies matching your clear objective.

Once your objectives are laid out you may begin to research information which will inform you of the best way to realize those objectives. Where will you train, how often and what is the best program for your objectives? Should you consider a nutritional plan? At Marshall’s we have and continue to research the best methods for quickly and safely reaching your objectives. We have taken all the guess work out of obtaining your objective. We will help you lay out your fool proof game plan.

An objective and a game plan are of no use unless you are willing to take consistent decisive action. This means getting yourself to the gym, followed up by a sound nutritional plan. Take responsibility for your health by committing to your plan and act. At Marshall’s we help you set daily action steps to ensure you stay on track.
Action conquers fear.

It is recommended you find one or several people you know who will support you on your road to victory. These friends will hold you accountable and encourage you. Surround yourself with them, avoiding the naysayers who will creep out of the woodwork. At Marshall’s we will hold you accountable for your results giving you tools to fend off the naysayers.

Action must be accompanied by structure to ensure no wasted effort maximizing your results. In the field of fitness structure means a well laid out program of content, number of programs, time allocation for each segment and total time required with a solid plan for further development before each segment is completed and beyond the completion of the total program of action. At Marshall's we provide you with the 4X6 program giving you six full months of structured programming and a plan of action beyond the 4X6 all tailored to your specific requirements.

"Having conceived of his purpose, a man should mentally mark out a straight pathway to its achievement, looking neither to the right nor the left."
James Allen

Feedback, Flexibility and Modification
Flexibility in programming through constant feedback and communication from well positioned questions and reciprocal answers between you and Marshall's trainers ensures timely modifications and upgrades are instituted as needed to ensure the quickest and safest progress is realized without interruption.

The end point
Every objective needs to have a clear end point. You need to know when you have arrived, (been successful), so you can appreciate and congratulate your self on your achievement. Congratulate yourself in a big way – make the journey worthwhile. Perhaps you have been dreaming of a vacation to some southern resort or a shopping spree to upgrade your wardrobe showing off your new physique. Now is the time to reward yourself with your desire – you deserve it. It is also important to know when you are close to the objective so you can select new objectives just before attaining your current goal to ensure continued progress.
At Marshall's we help you define clear markers so you will know when you have achieved your objective. We also have tools to help you create new objectives when it is time to do so.

A clear benefit
To maintain continual progress it is necessary to take ownership and personalize your journey by asking yourself specific questions centered on your objective. These questions will lead you to creating a clear benefit, or benefits, to achieving your goal. There must be a clear and concise reward(s) important enough to keep you committed.
Marshall’s assists you in determining what your rewards might be helping you to formulate motivational questions ensuring you take ownership of your quest.

If these 8 steps are followed in a consistent manner you will realize your objectives – and in a big way. These steps are not restricted to the health and fitness world. They are unfailingly applicable to any area of life you wish to set new objectives for.
The key is to take ownership of the changes you wish to make. Create excitement around them – get others who will support you involved to encourage you when challenges arise and follow these 8 steps. You will be successful.