Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Years Transformation Challenge


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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Of Health & Attitude

I had an interesting question posed from a member the other day.
Now you must understand, this member, like many of us, suffers annually with the usual seasonal colds, allergies during allergy season, some year round, and of course receives their annual flu shot religiously.

Member – “How is it that you are never sick? You are continuously in contact with cold sufferers yet never become sick. You always have more than enough energy even though you work ridiculous hours, often 16 hours per day. What is your secret?"

My answer in short was – “My secret lies in my attitude of mind. What I believe disease to be, and that we, originally, were created in perfect health. Therefore we are entitled to, perfect health.”

Now, was I always this way? Absolutely not. I have access to records that show, I, at one time, was one of the worst allergy sufferers on the planet I am sure. Typically admitting myself to hospital several times each year for albuterol sulfate treatments because I could not get my breath due to asthma. I had been an asthma sufferer since age 5. I never went anywhere without my inhalers. I allowed myself to be embarrassed by my attachment to the inhalers, believing them to represent weakness. I suffered from hay fever, three seasonal colds each year and strep throat on more than one occasion.

Through nutrition and exercise I was able to improve my circumstance by about 80%. However I would still wind up in hospital a couple of times each allergy season with a ventolin mask stuck to my face. I was forced to modify my exercise program because I could not breath well enough.
Today I am 100% allergy free. I cannot remember the last cold I had. This level of health eluded me until one day I thought about what disease truly is vs what I had accepted as truth about disease. Since that day of discovering the truth about disease I have not been sick one day, nor have I once experienced any allergy or used an inhaler.

Everyone is able to attain this, but not at the level of thought we as a society currently adopt about disease.

Through the kindly offices of my doctor friend, I suddenly realized that it was natural to assume that the Creative Intelligence which made all my organs, fashioned my body, and started my heart, could heal its own handiwork. The ancient proverb says, “The doctor dresses the wound and God heals it.”
Dr Joseph Murphy – The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
ISBN 10: 1604592915 / 1-60459-291-5
ISBN 13: 9781604592917